Adult Star Mia Khalifa To Debut In Big Boss 9

The list of candidates Big Boss 9 is out but not officially announce. Possible list of candidates goes viral on internet. So here is first priority of Adult Star Mia Khalifa may be debut in Big Boss 9.

Here's the list of Big Boss 9.

Mia Khalifa

She's been contacted by Big Boss Team

After Sunny Leone Mia Khalifa is second candidate

'Yeh Hai Mohabbatein' Star Amit Tandon 

Ankit Gera Debut in 'Sapney Suhane Larakpan Ke'

Ankit Ex-Girlfriend Roopal Tayagi

Armaan Jain 'Le ke dewana dil'

Gurmeet Ran Rahim Singh Fame 'MSG'

Najeem Khan 'Salman' Look Alike

Nakshatra Bagwe Fame 'LGBT'

Fashion Designer Sawpnil Shinde

VJ-Bani Fame Rowdies

Stunning Pieces of Art Create From Fallen Leaves

Japanese artist make piece of art with fallen leaves is amazing. Whereas everyone dump these leaves or burn them but this move leave you stunned.

Creativity of Nature

Master Piece

Children also Having Fun

Leaves Flower


The Pooh

The Dragon

Best Buddies


Red Roses



Hello Kitty


Heart Leaf

Blend of Creativity

6 Girls who Failed Miserably On Snapchat.

It's a world of social media in these days you need to be on top of your game to get it right.can you ever checked out those terribly photo-shopped pictures which has no filter,and those not wanna make you at the person face?
Some Hilarious snap-chat fails of all the time.
What the hell is this supposed to be?
Is this like a post-rape selfie?
That's just absurd.
She managed to do here makeup really perfectly.
That is one of the horrible filter.
 It is Just Her Face?
When you have no clue about life or grammar.
Totally not her sexy face.

This DIY Health Drink Helps To Lose 11 Pounds With in 5 Days.

Overweight People can easily become the victims of diabetes, hypertension or heart attack.A few of people are aware of this drink which can remove the access fat from the body within a few days.
here are some healthy drinks which will help you to loss 11 pounds weight in just 5 days.
This drink is very nutritious and effective.
Consume this drink regularly for 5 days.

All you need 1 lemon, 60 gram parsley, and 300 ml water in one day.
parsley remove the access fluid from the body.

Just mix and blend them.
Instead of storing drink, prepare it fresh daily.

You healthy drink is ready with in 5 to 10 minutes.
 after 5 days take a break for 10 days and start drink again.

Consume this drink every morning before meal.
You will definitely feel better after consuming it. 
Parsley consist of vitamin C, Iron and Calcium.

You will surely loss 5kg weight with in 5 days.

11 Kids Who Definitely love Hide And Seek But Failed Badly

I remember playing hide and seek when i was a kid. Hiding was a really good fun. Every-time you find a nice spot and nobody can find you.
I think i was very good at hiding, turns out my parents just used to act like the could not see me while actually, they were able to.
No matter what the truth is but sometimes i feel and missing the old times.
OH! the white socks.
I can see you and you can see me.
So close. it would have worked.
For a second I thought that toilet seat come to my life.
Can you find her?
That's smart camouflage.
He thought of a lamp and became one.
Definitely a cat person.
It was wroth a try.
Yes, she is visible.
And he fell asleep.