Why Sadia Imam does not sleep with her husband?

It is a very amazing video about the Sadia Imam, who is very young and beautiful actress of our drama industry. She has ruled over this industry and has proved her talent in front of the people of our country. She got the fame, wealth and everything from this country. She got married at a very good time of life. She was invited to a morning show with her husband. They both were looking great and the host of the show was talking about the marital life of Sadia Imam and her husband.
Sadia Imam revealed a very interesting fact about her marital life that she does not sleep with her husband. This reason is the knowing of her husband. When she was asked that did she try to cure this disease, she told that they have done the operation but still the voice of the knowing is not going to stop. Sadia Imam also told about another thing, that they bought a mask for this purpose, but she told the very amazing thing that she feels fear whenever she sees her husband in this mask to avoid snowing. In this mask, her husband looks like a beast and she told that she does not like it.
This morning show is very much famous and we often see these types of things in these morning show because it has become a trend that they can do anything to raise the rating of their program. The same thing is happening In this morning show. One very awkward thing, which everyone will be feeling is the dressing of Sadia and her husband. This is in fact not our dress. We must think about our culture that what should we do and where we are going. This is really the worst dilemma of our society.

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