Why Pennsylvania Luzerne County Supported Trump

Luzerne County Pennsylvania never supported a Republican Presidential Candidate since 1988 but in recent American Presidential Election 2016 they supported Trump. Why they did not supported their favorite party? How their perception changed? What are the reasons behind the abrupt and huge change where it was so much important for whole the country?  Why unexpectedly flipped from blue to red?
Majority of the people Luzerne County Pennsylvania, in fact all the population of the region lifelong Democrats and suddenly they turn Republicans. Residents were interviewed and asked about the reason which convinced or forced them to support Republican Presidential candidate and why they voted for Trump?
Different people replied with different reason and different point of views. Some of them are included. Ray Clarke said, I feel Trump is going to make some significant changes in our system and way on which our country was being run. David Piavis said, in the beginning I had some doubts about Trump and still I have. But I could never vote for Hillary. She was not a right option for that. There was so much corruption. Maria Acosta, We all want better jobs because of our want to get everything better. We want our America back. Larry Vanchieri said, Donald Trump’s attitude impressed me when he said that I am not a politician. This is what America wants to hear. They want to listen I am a businessman because country needs a businessman now.
Residents have a wish list for the newly elected president Trump. Luzerne County Pennsylvania people did not considered Hillary as a good option for the Presidential Election. They did not accept her President of the country. Some of the people compare Obama rule over the country and expecting better from Trump. They are expecting better health care, more for senior citizens, social security and solution of America’s economic problems.