Why Dr. Shahid Masood did left Geo during PPP government?

Dr. Shahid Masood is one of the great news anchors of this country. He did great work in the media industry of the Pakistan. He was working with the Geo News TV, which is very famous news TV of the Pakistan during the government of the PPP. Dr. Shahid Masood has been exposed so many realities of the different governments and they were criticizing the whole process, which is adopted by them. The government of the Pakistan has a very keen contact with all the news anchors. These are the persons, who have a direct link with any government and this is the reason that they criticize them directly.
Dr. Shahid Masood was doing work with the Geo news TV during the government of the PPP and everything was going right, but suddenly, he left the TV show and joined another news channel. He was very much shocked and for very long time, he did not come on any screen. The fans of the Dr. Shahid Masood were so much shocked by the behavior of the Dr. Shahid Masood and wanted to know the reason. Suddenly Dr. Shahid Masood appeared on another news channel and started working with them.
Time passed with a great speed and everybody forgot that what happened with him. But before some days, Dr. Shahid Masood revealed the truth that why he left this channel and what was the reason for leaving the channel suddenly. According to Dr. Shahid Masood, these were the matters of the Geo news TV and the government, which were not accepted by him. He was being forced to accept them and he refused to accept these realities. This was the reason that he decided to left the channel suddenly and after a long time, he joined the another news channel.