What was the most important prediction of Rauf Klasra?

Rauf Klasra is one of the very talented and professional news anchors of our media Industry. He is doing a talk show on the ARY news channel since a long time and his show is very much famous due to his straightforward opinions and his analysis on the policies of a government. He is always doing a keen analysis of the outcomes of the government policies and people see that these analyses bring the same output, which was presented in the program of the Rauf Klasra. He has become very much famous in the media industry as compare than other news anchors of this industry.
In this video, which was taken from his talk show, Rauf Klasra is talking about the appointment of the army chief. This was the prediction from the Rauf Klasra, that he was telling before the time that who will be the next army chief of Pak army. He is saying thank Allah for his predictions coming true. He told it in his program before some days, about the appointment of the new army chief and he gave this prediction on the basis of some analysis. The same thing happened and he is seen as saying thanks to Allah.
If we talk about the other news anchors of the media industry, there are also other anchors, which are very famous and they are well qualified but Rauf Klasra is known as the one news anchor, which is not having a single corruption case. This is, in fact, the great success and there are very few news anchors, which can have this claim. Otherwise, there are so many anchors but, they have the black spots on their career and there are so many corruption cases in their career. The only thing which Rauf Klasra is having is the true and clean career.

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