What Shehla Raza is showing in her personal mobile phone?

It is a very interesting video about the Shehla Raza, which is a very famous politician from the Pakistan People’s Party. Shehla Raza is known as one of the most senior members of the Pakistan People’s Party. She is very much famous for her look, which seems like her leader Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto. If we talk about the politics of the Pakistan, it is full of the moments, which are so much shameful for the whole nation. There is no single party, about which, we can say that it is the perfect one and we can say that they have done a great job for our country.
This video was taken from the moment when Shehla Raza is showing a video about the Muslim League-N, which is very much shameful and they must think about it. This is not the first or single incident of the Shehla Raza, which happened in the history of our dear country, the history of the Pakistan has been filled with these types of moments. If we talk about the two major parties of the Pakistan, the name of the Pakistan People’s Party and the Muslim League-N comes on the top.
After the existing of these two parties, they are fighting to rule the country, but inside, they do not harm each other. They often do a character assassination of each other, but behind the scene, they protect each other. This is the way, they are making fool to the whole Pakistani nation. Shehla Raza is showing a video about the Muslim League-N but her party is not doing good for their country. They have set the turn for each other.
In front of the public, they are playing the role of the opposition, but in reality, they are doing nothing, they are just passing their good time.

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