What happened with the women found dead in the room of MPA?

It is a very shocking video came from the Lahore about an MPA of the ruling party of the, where a woman was found dead in the room. The stunning thing about this causality is that the room was owned by an MPA of the ruling party. MPA of the ruling party clearly denied allowing the usage of the room. This case has become a mystery for the investigation persons because they found nothing about the reason of the death. This woman was the senior member of the ruling party and it was told her that she was having a great wish to be the member of the parliament.
When the MPA of the ruling party was asked about the room and the murder of the woman, he clearly denied about the information. He also denied that he allowed her to live in his room. These rooms are situated in the guest house of the Lahore and these are used by the politicians during their visit in the Lahore. She arrived two days before in this room and she asked the servant to open the room for her. She showed the permission of the MPA and the servant confirmed the permission of the MPA to use his room. No one is aware of the death of the woman and she was found dead in the room.
During the investigation and the post-mortem report of the dead body, it was confirmed that there were some black signs on the lungs of the woman and it is said that she use some amount of alcohol at that night. This case is still a mystery and apparently, there is no reason is being shown about the death of the woman. According to the police, they will found the reason very soon.

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