What happened with Dr. Shahid Masood during the government of PPP?

PPP is one of the major politics parties of the Pakistan. This is the party, which has been ruled our country for more than two times but did not give anything to the whole nation. In fact, the government of the PPP has been involved in so many issues. Instead of doing anything good for the public of the Pakistan, they earned the money by wrong means. These are not the only things, which were associated with them; they were really involved in so many issues at the national level.
Dr. Shahid Masood was the news anchor of the Geo News TV during the government of the PPP. He is really very talented and senior news anchor of the Pakistan. He was really very good with Geo News and nothing wrong was there. But suddenly, he left the show of the Geo News TV. Nobody was aware of the reasons, which were being told by him. After a very long time, he appeared on another news channel. He never told the reason for this incident that what happened with him in the Geo news TV during government of PPP?
Now a day, he is working on the Bol TV network in a talk show. The show of the Dr. Shahid Masood has become so much popular due to his bold and clear analysis on the current affairs. Now the time has arrived that he told the reality in front of everyone about the sudden reason of being vanished from the Geo TV. He told very clearly a reality that there was some problem, which were being arisen and they all were not possible accept him. The result was just only one, which was to leave the news channel at the right time. So he decided to leave the channel immediately and he left the channel for PPP.