What Aamir Liaquat is talking about the Indian Politicians?

The is a great video came from the Bol TV Network, in which Aamir Liaquat is talking about the Indian politicians and say that they are not able to do anything. It was really great which was Aamir Liaquat saying to them and it was really a great threat from Aamir Liaquat to the Indian politicians. This was all happening in the program of Aamir Liaquat, which he is doing on the BOL TV network. This channel is also gaining the progress at a very fast pace and now he is clearly threatening to them that they are unable to talk to the media.
If we talk about the relation of Indian and Pakistani government, they are always involved in the very bad practices of the politics, which a rational man will never allow in any case. First of all, we talk about the Prime Minister of the Indian government, who is clearly talk against the Muslims and he never like them. When he came in the government, he clearly told the security forces to finish the Muslims from the page of India. They are strictly against the Muslim.
In this video, whatever Aamir Liaquat is talking about the politicians, it is really true and the social media has so many videos, which is proving the truth of the Aamir Liaquat observations. This is, in fact, the clear reality in front of the whole world that what the Indian media is doing and what the Indian politicians are thinking about it. This is very clear and Pakistan has recorded their protest at international level against them. But it is also a very bitter reality that the international affairs are just seen by the other countries, they are unable to do anything with India. This is the thing, which the whole world must focus on it.