Should Prime Minister be very clear about his justification in court?

It is a very amazing video about the remarks of the Supreme Court, which it gave to the Prime Minister of the Pakistan. The issue of the Panama Leaks has been spread and the PTI has taken the decision to never give up this case. The Supreme Court gave remarks about the justification of the Prime Minister that he should be very much clear about his status and the words which he is telling about his case. The words which he used are not matching with the status, which he gave in the previous time.
Prime Minister of the Pakistan has given his statements that he has not purchased these flats and he told about the way of purchasing of these flats. The statement, which he gave in the previous time was not matching with the one, which he gave in the Supreme Court. If we look into the matter of the PTI and the Prime Minister of Pakistan, we will come to know that there is something wrong on the side of the Prime Minister. Most of the critics are also giving their remarks that the Prime Minister should be very clear about his position.
He is not in the position that he is focusing on these types of cases. If he is talking about the clarity of his own and his family, he must show it to the whole world and it would be very better for him. One other side, if he will give any justification like he gave in this position, he will be not in the position to have the trust of the whole nation. No, he is in the condition that he is doing great work in the progress of the Pakistan. These types of things will really disturb him and his future. He should really think about it.