See the Urwa Hussain, how is she singing this song?

This song of the Urwa Hussain has become viral on the internet and has become so much famous in a very short time. The response of the people is not good for her and most of the people are talking about her that she must continue her acting and she is very good in it. This is one amazing thing which happened after her song that she has now known her ability that she should remain in the acting and never try to sing another song.
It can be seen in the video that the response of the people about the song was awesome. Some were feeling so much bad that she sang a very poor song. Some of them also told that the Tahir Shah is very much better than the Urwa Hussain. The song of the Urwa Hussain was not so bad and she was thinking that she might be a very good singer. She sang this song but the response of the people was not good. It was her first song and she should not lose the hope but she needs a lot of efforts to become a very good singer.
The response of the people is also shown in this video. It will be better to mention here that before coming to singing, Urwa was a very famous actress of our drama industry. She has done a great job in the movies of the Pakistan and she also went to the India for the acting. She also did a great job in the India movie. Urwa Hussain is also a very famous model and she started her career as a model. After modeling, she came to the field of acting. She was so much successful in this field, but now she tried to come in the field of singing. She was thinking that she will be successful here too but she must remain in the acting.