See the amazing experience of Indian & Pakistani Food

It is an amazing video about the competition of the food between the Indian and Pakistani meals, which are most popular in the world. It is the fact, that traditional Indian and Pakistani food is really popular in the whole world due to its taste and the recipe. It can be seen in the video that two boys are sitting on a table having the flags of each country. They are also having some food and at the start of the video, having Samosa on their plates. They are talking about the recipe of the Indian Samosa, which is stuffed with the potato and the peas.
It is an amazing video about the food comparison of India and Pakistan. When we talk about the culture of these both countries, we see so many things, which are same in this culture and this is the reason that people of these both countries know each other very well. Before the separation of the Pakistan from India, this part was one country and this was the reason of the same culture of these countries. People coming from the other parts of the world find no difference between the culture, food, living and so many other things of these countries.
It can be seen in this video that a person from India is asked to taste the Pakistani dishes while a person from Pakistan is asked to taste the Indian meal. When they eat it, they found some differences, but the overall taste is the same. They are trying different dishes with the different recipe and they are astonished to feel the same but amazing taste of the food in both countries. It is also very much popular over here that the people of these countries like some food, which is spicier. This is the reason that the taste of the food is unique.

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