Sanam Baloch Dancing with Farooq Sattar in morning show

Sanam Baloch is one of the most talented and beautiful young actresses of our drama industry. She is one of the actresses, who are well educated and belong to very rich families. They joined the drama industry as a profession and got great success in their career. Now, they are living a very successful and happy life. After appearing in so many hit dramas of Pakistan, she started a morning show on ARY News channel. It was very unique and became hit in very short time. She always tries to give the quality content on her morning show and tries to bring the genuine problems of the people on the media.
It can be seen in this video that Sanam Baloch is dancing with Farooq Sattar, who is the head of the MQM Pakistan. He was invited to this morning show as a guest with his family. He is the person, who is seen as the gentleman of a party, which is known as wicked or you can say does not have the good name in the politics. When he was called on this morning show, he went with his family and was looking very simple. He told in the show that he is living very simple life style. He does not have any luxuries of life. This is a unique quality, which is found in very fewer politicians of the Pakistan.
The morning shows in the whole world are famous for providing the content, which is related to the general public of our society, but in Pakistan, it is not happening so. Sanam Baloch is trying to change this trend and she has gotten the success in her field. Sanam Baloch is very famous and successful actress of our drama industry.
The dance of the Farooq Sattar and the Sanam Baloch became very much famous on the social media.