Rare video of Karachi beach, filled with white people

It is a great video about the very beautiful time of the Karachi city, taken from the beach of the city, where white people are enjoying the hot light of the sun. This was really a great time and it is also a reality that Karachi was seen as the future world by the foreign people. It was also a great time for the whole Pakistan and the only city was known as the mini Pakistan. It was told due to the people of the Karachi city.
Karachi was said as the mini Pakistan because of the people, who were living there and they were from all over the nations of the Pakistan. It was a great combination of the whole nation and they were living like a real nation. Karachi was growing at a very fast pace and the people from all over the world often visited this city to enjoy the luxuries of life. This video is the great example of this reality. It can be seen in the video that there are so many people, who are lying on the beach to enjoy the sunlight of the sun. They were here because they were not having any security threat and they were moving here and there without any security risk.
Suddenly, this city got the bad eye of someone and the bad time of this city started. It was really bad that the people started feeling fear even to visit this city. This all was happening due to the people, who were not in the favor of growth of Pakistan. It was, in fact, the reason, that some foreign powers started indulging the growth of the Karachi and everything started going wrong. Otherwise, this was really a city of the people who were enjoying their life in the city of lights.

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