Plane crash with the whole Brazilian team

Very sad news came about the plan crash, which was carrying the football team of the Brazilian club. This plan crash occurred in the Colombia. It is very sad news and the whole world is very much sad about this incident. This is not the first incident about the plan crash, but the major loss of this crash was due to the Brazilian club football team. This is the great loss for the whole country and the country has been dipped into sorrow due to this incident.
This plan crash occurred in the Colombia, where the flight was carrying the Brazilian club football team and some other passengers were also there in the plan. The plan was in the Colombia when this plan crash occurred. The air traffic control found suddenly the disconnection with the flight. After so many times, they received the signal of the plane crash. Colombian government immediately sent their investigation teams to the place of the incident to know the actual reasons for the plane crash. They are trying to know the actual cause of this incident. Brazilian government immediately sent their rescue teams to find out the dead bodies of the people, but they are unable to find anything.
There have been so many incidents, passed in the history of the world, which has been forgotten by the world, but this incident will remain in the hearts of the people because this incident brought out the most talented people of their country. Football is the national game of the Brazil, and they give so much respect to the team of the football. The Brazilian football team was the future of their country and they will never forget this whole incident. The whole world is trying to diagnose the actual reasons of the incident and they will also provide the technical support.

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