Philippine’s President Took Step Against Drugs Business in the Country

Drugs and narcotics are a curse which make hollow of a society internally and completely destroy the nation. If any nation wants to grow, it needs to eliminate this curse of drug from its rows. We have found many of the strict law in different countries about using and dealing in drugs even many of the counties have law of execution for culprits to penalize. But still this business is running almost everywhere in the world and there is no country left safe from this pest.
There are some people who take stand against narcotics and drugs addiction and there are many NGOs are working for people to prevent from drugs by making them aware about their threats. We found a lot of rehabilitation centers which are working to rehabilitation of drug addicts. These addicts, actually infected people are being treated in these institutions with medicines, awareness with providing them knowledge, lectures, moral values, psychological treatment, physical and mental exercises. But still this poison is infecting people especially from the new generation who get involved in drugs in start as an exciting experience and a way of enjoyment but soon they become drug addicts.
Those people who took radical steps and considered it a serious issue, Philippine’s President, Rodrigo Duterte took strict action against the issue in the country. He has decided to pull it from roots and throw away. For this purpose he announced assassination of suspect found involved in drugs. He has already ordered country’s police department to shoot the person who found involved in it whether he is an addict or one of dealers.
Police is following his orders and many of the suspects involved in narcotics business were already executed and they are working to find out more. They are ordered to keep this shoot on until everyone of them is removed.   President Rodrigo is being criticized by the US, EU and the UN for this cruelty but he did not take any attention of the criticism on him, even he doesn’t bother of them. He said who they are to me. In some way he is correct and he is doing well to save his nation and its future.