Muslim Hijab Fashion Show in Japan

Hijab is a part of dress which usually Muslim women wear on their heads to cover their hairs. It is due to order in their religion Islam to do that. It was not common in Muslim countries where Muslim women used them to wear but in non-Muslim countries people were mostly not aware of it. But with the growing propaganda in against wearing hijab in non-Muslim countries specially Western EU countries and US it gained more popularity and fame. This criticism gave it a worldwide popularity and now people almost everywhere in the world know about it.
With the growing propaganda in Muslim specially in the EU and US started wearing Hijab openly and many other who did not, now getting influenced from those ladies to follow religion’s instruction started wearing it. Now it is become more trending and almost unstoppable because women who faced criticism and bully still did not give up wearing it. This attitude also added its publicity.
It was a religious order to follow but some ladies started to wear hijab as a fashion especially in Muslim countries where it is a common practice. In the start it was made with a plain and single colored, mostly black and sometime white or others, with cotton fabric but now it is available in different colors with designs are art works and printing on it.
Similarly, in Tokyo Japan, a fashion show was organized where model performed catwalk in dresses with mix texture of modern and traditional Japanese styled with Muslims styles touch. It was unbelievable to see model on ramp wearing hijab in Japan. But they did it.
There are only few Muslims live in the country, with a rough estimate about 70 to 100 thousands only but still Japanese belong to other religion take interest and like this dressing style.