Mocker was Criticize on Social Media who Mock a poor

Poverty is one of the painful facts of our society but some of our society does not show sympathy to poor and instead of it they start mock those poor people and their poverty. If you are rich and belong to a rich family, there is nothing your greatness in it and someone is poor and belongs to a poor family, there no fault for that person. It is nature which decides who will be born as rich and who will be a poor. So, these people should keep this thing in mind while making fun of someone’s compulsion.
There is such incident of where a lady mock a poor was bring to social media. An old man, cleaner by profession, was captured standing in front of jewelry shop watching gold set. The lady take his photo and share on social media and made fun of that poor cleaner by saying that he can only look at that gold and because he cannot buy it. That lady was heavily criticized on her joke which she made on old cleaner.
Later she realized her mistake and she apologies that person buy and gift that set of gold which he was look. Many others who saw that snap-chat give gifts to that man. There is such another incident was reported on social media where a guy took a picture of a poor girl who was sitting a trash box and searching for something.
That person was also had to face criticism of his comments. Later, he apologies from that girl, give her some gifts and money. Many of his friends supported him in doing so and they also give gifts to that girl. He shared that video, in which he and his friends were giving gifts and he apologies from the girl, on social media. He said he did not want to mock that girl but he just wanted to take her pictures and wanted to show her poor condition.