Lives Saving Angles

Human lives are the most important of this world to survive and there many angles are working for their betterment and saving them from lost. They have devoted their lives for serving humanity. For them, no matter how much it is difficult or how much it is complicated but they do everything which they can do for them and they do. It is a saying that saving a human life is like saving whole mankind. These people are following this line as mission of their life.
We will found a lot of such angles around us if we have a look in our surroundings. These people are really angles who are assigned to serve people for making them smile, for feed them, for educating them and for saving their lives. And these people are doing their assigned jobs with devotion and dedication. They are getting nothing in return but best wishes by those people to whom they serve. Everyone is living for their own self or some of the people to whom they loved but it is the real life to live for others because it is not an easy life but the original peace of life is in serving humanity.
For this purpose, carry this mission, many of the NGO are working worldwide. These NGOs are helping people in many ways and in their tough conditions. These institutions are working for people by providing them education, giving treatment, financial help for poor, giving shelters, food for hungry, and they people who suffered from disasters like floods, earthquakes, tsunamis, and war affected. In most of the cases these affected people are belongs to poor family and they need basic facilities to live.
There is such an organization in Pakistan which is running by a doctor, who is working for providing treatments for free. The life saving angle doctor named, Dr. Abidul Rizvi. He is running a clinic which working for treatment of poor patients who cannot afford their treatment. This is amazing and this is the true life.