Imam and father friends

Friendship is the closest relationship between humans even more closely than family because friends can share their worries which they cannot share with family and other relations. Friends support their friend in every matter and the time when they need care and help. No one can choose his family in which he born but every can decide who to make friend. This is one of the relations which human make on its own decision. If anyone has a relation with a good person as a friend, this relation may be long lasting, sometimes till end of life. These relations are the main difference between humans and other creations.
We often take care about some things while making a friendship relation. Mostly, found people in our surrounding are become our friends. These surroundings places include schools, colleges, university or any other academic institution where we make friend from our fellow students. In our professional life we make friends in our workplace, the parties with organization deals for which we work. In our personal life we make friends in our neighborhood, or in the places where we occasionally visit like parks, club and such other places.
But everywhere we take care about qualities and similarities in our friends which we have or we like theirs.  One of the most important things is religion. It is become more important for the person who is religious and what about who is himself a religious preacher.
Yes. We have story of such a friendship relation, where two men belong to different religions, one of them was a Muslim Imam and the other one was a Christian Priest, come closer and become buddies. They acted in a commercial ad where they met first time but soon they both become good friend and with the passage of time their relation become stronger. This is true humanity and it’s about human ship.