How the PTI is thinking with Naeem Bukhari?

Naeem Bukhari is one of the most popular and the great lawyers of the Pakistan. He is also known as one of the great and honest peoples of the Pakistan. The profession of the law is not so easy, and to be the honest for the whole life in this profession is really very difficult, but Naeem Bukhari did all these things and today, he is the most popular lawyer of the Pakistan. In looking, he still seems young and he is having a very young look still in this age.
If we talk about the Panama Leaks case, Naeem Bukhari has taken up the PTI and he is fighting this case from the side of the PTI. Pakistan Tehreek Insaf is fighting for the whole nation of the Pakistan and Naeem Bukhari is leading this case. We all are very much familiar with the competencies and the abilities of the Naeem Bukhari. We all know about him as he is a successful lawyer of the Pakistan. After passing some days, now it has been proved that Naeem Bukhari is taking this case in a very good side. It is all happening in the favor of the PTI.
According to the PTI, they are very much confident in this case. They also told the media that they are fighting the case of the whole nation. They are not alone, in fact, the whole nation is praying for them. When they talk about the Naeem Bukhari, they are very well confident that they have fully trust the abilities of the Naeem Bukhari. They know that the direction of the case is being changed by him. They are also praying for him that he is doing great and he is still working hard on this case. He will be really successful.

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