How Naeem Bukhari was reacting on the entry of Prince of Qatar?

Naeem Bukhari is one of the most talented and the competent lawyers of the Pakistan. The amazing thing about his personality is that he is not only a lawyer; he is a very competent actor and the news anchor too. He has done very popular talk shows on the Television channels. Due to this ability, he proved himself as one of the very famous news anchor and very funny actor on the TV screen. It was really a great moment when the chairman of the PTI asked the management to hire this man for the case of Panama Leaks.
It can be seen in the video that Naeem Bukhari is talking about the entry of the Prince of the Qatar. The entry of the Prince of the Qatar was really very amazing for the whole nation. Everyone was talking about him and the letter he sent to the Supreme Court for the justification of the Shareef family. Naeem Bukhari is having a very funny behavior on the issue of the Panama leaks about the government of the Pakistan. The whole nation is looking at him that how he will carry this case.
Up till now, the top management of the PTI is very much happy about the man, he hired for the case of Panama leaks. It was really great because, Naeem Bukhari is really very competent and before this case, he has fought very famous cases for the Pakistan Peoples Party. He has gained a very vast experience in these types of cases, where the government of the Pakistan is involved. This experience of the Naeem Bukhari has made him very unique among different lawyers of the Pakistan. The whole nation is very hopeful about him that he will really carry this case in a very professional way.