Heart Touching video about the two faces of society

It is a very heart touching video about the painful realities of our society, which we do not think that what is happening around us. This video is, in fact, telling the two faces of our society, one is that about which we care a lot and another one is that, for which do not care. We should think about the facts that what matters to us and what does not matters. This is the most painful reality of our society. We must think about it and react, where we should really react. This is the actual taste of life.
These two aspects or you can say the faces of our society, which are shown in this video, are so much painful. As it is shown in this video that in the first part of it, an environment is shown, where poverty of the people is shown. One woman is making and selling the tea. She is spending a hard time of life. One boy comes there with two girls. They are standing with their car and smoking in front of the public. People are coming and going and all of them are staring at them. The thing to discuss the society is that this is the thing, which does not matter to anyone, but they are staring at these things.
Another face is so much painful. This is a thing, which matters to everyone, but no one is trying to interfere at this face of the society. In this scene, a young girl is going to her home to the college and she is being interrupted by a wicked boy. He is misbehaving with her and she is resisting to him due to this cruel deeds. The most painful thing is about the people, who are watching everything but, they are not going to help her.

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