Hard To Digest This One Shameful Thing For Every Indian.

North East region of India is full of issues and violence One of important part of India people treated as different that they are not part of this country. However this is hard to believe and digest for every Indian. People live North East side of India is mocked by other's.

Question is what the story of them? Where they came from? so here the answer

Nido Taniam is killed by some people due to his color of hair.

What about this Guy?

First one is Bengali and other one is Bangladesh Bengali.. What's the difference? 

Which one is Chinese and North Indian Girl

Can you tell which one is Indian Tamil and Sri Lankan Tamil

Obviously belong from Sikh community but one is from India and other one is belong to Pakistan.

World recognize her as 'Asia'

Do you know how North East Indian feels when they referred as Chinese

Making fun for everyone 

Did you want another Nido Tania

Look at this picture. Can you accept it.