End of the world is Closer

Science says this world came into being accidentally due to some sudden encounters in our solar system and it will be a day of end of the world like it was originated. Different scientists have presented different theories about the origin of the world and about the start of life on Earth especially human arrival, but there is no such definite rule and authentic theory which proved them true and convince everyone on this.
However, it is quite obvious and everyone believes that about end of the world some day. In the past people mostly talk about the start of life and formation of Earth. Why life exists only on Earth? Later, topic of discussion turn to the next point which is, is there any other planet where life can exist or life is existing on any other planet? For the search of this fact, scientist started searching life and its traces in our own solar system but now they expand their circle of search to the other solar system and on other planets in the universe.
We cannot ignore another matter about the Earth which is end of the world. With the passage of time when scientists started observing harms to Earth by human and increasing destruction their studies and research turn to the discovery of the end of the world. With the threat of end some of the scientists started focus on other planet where human can live on and survive for their lives. A lot of the theories were presented in favor of human survival on other planets especially on the Moon and the Mars.
In conclusion, no one knows exactly about when this world would end but everyone is on the same page that it will happen someday. All of the scientists are agree on the fact of the end of the world. On the other hand, about the theories of human survival on other planets, we have only one line theory about that. If life is possible on other planets, humans also originated on them.