Dr. Shahid Masood leaked the news about the meeting in GHQ

GHQ which general headquarter of the army is the one of the most secret places of the Pakistan. This is, in fact, headquarter of the army, where all the policies are thought and discussed for the implementation. Pak army is the world’s sixth largest army of the world and GHQ is the head office of this army. The security level of this building can be thought as one of the most secure and the safe buildings of the Pakistan. In the previous days, a very secret meeting was held in this building, which was organized by the orders of the chief of the army staff of the Pakistan.
Dr. Shahid Masood is talking in this video about the meeting, held in the GHQ. This was really very secret meeting and the top matter about the security of the Pakistan was discussed in this meeting but Dr. Shahid Masood got the news about the meeting held in the GHQ. It was really a very top secret matter because every person of the Pakistan is very well aware of the National Security Plan. This plan was organized by the army in the GHQ and they were looking to the civil government for the go ahead of this plan to implement it.
It the army and civil government implement this plan successfully in this country, it will be cleared from the terrorism and nobody will think about this crime. The cooperation of the whole civil government with the military government was very necessary for the successful implementation.
They all agreed to do it and the meeting in the GHQ was highly secret but Dr. Shahid Masood got the points, which he was telling about in his show on the Bol TV Network.

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