Documentary movie from PTI about the corruption of PM

It is very much clear to the every Pakistani that there is war continue between the PTI and the Prime Minister of the Pakistan. If we talk about the PTI, it has emerged in the politics of the Pakistan as a very strong street power and it is also known and clear to everyone that every young and educated person have the favor to the PTI. This is the unique party of the Pakistan in the politics, which is being supported by a common man and has the power of youth.
The chairman of the PTI is a most famous man of the Pakistan, who has given and committed his life for the Pakistan. He is always talking about the Pakistan and he is still living in the country for the betterment of the Pakistan. It is also very much clear to the every Pakistani that Imran Khan has every luxury of the life. If he wanted, he can spend a very luxurious life in any country of the world, but he has pain for his country. This is the reason that the Chairman of the PTI is living in the Pakistan and fighting for the Pakistan against the worst people in the politics of our country.
This video has been released by this party as a documentary movie about the corruption of the Prime Minister of the Pakistan. Everyone here knows very well that what the ruling party is doing in the Pakistan? What they are showing to the world and what they are doing is another part of the picture. This documentary movie is clearly telling the stories of the corruption related to the Prime Minister of the Pakistan. There are so many cases, which are shown in this movie. This movie is especially for the people, who support the ruling party of our country.

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