A Trip to North Korea Reveal Many Unseen Realities

North Korea is one of the world’s most bad named countries but there are many things which world doesn’t know about North Korea. It is a painful reality when we found some country is different in its thought and its political leadership does not obey other big countries then such countries pushed back from the world and just their non-productive activities to world for presenting them as abject, which is not good at all. We should see other things which are good about that country.
There is not only North Korea but many other countries we found which are famous for their demolition activities but no one knows about their people, their culture, their festivals and about nothing. They must be known as they are human being also. We have long list about these countries including Afghanistan, Iran, Pakistan, North Korea, Russia and so on. After know there negative points people from other countries avoid to visit these countries even they don’t think to visit there ever at any cost.
A traveler, Elaine, describes about North Korea’s journey which she saw in the country. She talked about their subway metros. She said some of their metro stations are crazy. Mostly people sleep or using their cell phone while going to office in metro but in those people do not do anything but just sitting and watching around. They do not talk in their journey.
She took a lot of picture which she shared on social media. She said we do not anything about the country. They are totally different people as we know about them. We just know about them which we have listened in news like involvement in nuclear activities and about their leaders. When she started informing world about really about North Korea she was even blamed that she was sponsored by the country which she did not expect. She said, after all, they are regular human being like us.