A Saloon Spreading Awareness About HIV and AIDS

With the passage of time and growing population a lot new and strange diseases we are being attacked HIV and AIDS. Most of them are fatal enough to take life. There are many of them are well known and increasing day by day instead of curing with the new and modern methods of diagnosis and treatments, including cancer, heart problems, blood pressure and many others. One of them is HIA/AIDS. It is a fact that we are fighting with them and they are, in most of the cases, are winning and humans are losing their lives.
We have an example of a group who have started it battle against HIV and AIDS as some of the people have dedicated their selves to fight with them by spreading awareness about them that how these disease attacked, how to prevent them to attack, if you are infected how to diagnose them and what kind of treatment you need to recover and recover in a better and soonest way.
Similarly, in Cameroon, ladies hair saloons have dedicated for spreading awareness in ladies about HIV and AIDS, so that they can save them from getting infected with HIV and AIDS.  It is proved a very affective for making women aware about HIV because they visit frequently such beauty salons and mostly only ladies are working and customer are ladies of these beauty shops. So, it is easy for beautician to discuss and provide information and knowledge about HIV.
These diseases are mostly infecting people when a normal person comes in physical connection with an infected person. This process of mating with infected person makes a normal person infected even without know it. These salons are also selling condom which a protection from HIV and AIDS. After this project there is a notable increase is noticed in condoms sale, which proved it effective.