15 Tricks That Lead To A Long And Happy Relationship

As said it is far difficult to build a relationship and only one misunderstanding ruin all efforts to build it. Let's us assume during start it is like we make each other and as the time pass it's not like just we thought. Couple start argue on little things and begins to lose its charms which at the end leads to a break-up.
Great relationship mean's like whole world for you, Break-up hurt and they hurt like hell. However, here are good things as well and there is not difficult to nurture a good relationship. Tips how you can stay happy and make healthy bond for a better relationship. Do these stuff and you never regret that you didn't live your dream of life.

1. Admire and appreciate each other

2. Give surprises.

3. Don't take each other for granted

4. Don't hold grudges

5. Make them feel special

6. Be supportive and encouraging

7. Keep the past behind

8. Offer solutions without being critical

9. Respect each other's family and friends

10. Maintain good hygiene

11. Communication is the key

12. Make time for each other

13. Admit your mistakes

14. Don't try to change them

15. Never compare